Historic Trenton Masonic Temple

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100 Barrack Street     Trenton, NJ  

The Grand Parlour

Our beautifully appointed Grand Parlour can accommodate up to 300 guests. Alternatively, it can be arranged to accommodate up to 400 guests comfortably for concerts, presentations, seminars and other entertaining or educational events.

The elegant molded plaster ceilings and marble floors create the perfect atmosphere for your special event.

There is no other public room in Trenton like this!

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The Stokes Library

This beautiful room was named for Joseph Stokes, a prominent businessman of the early 20th Century, and an active Freemason. It can seat 80 people for presentations or meetings and 48 people for dinner.  Being located next to the Grand Parlour, it is the perfect place to have cocktails and appetizers before dinner.

The wall bookcases are filled with books and interesting items that add to the unique and historic setting.

The Ionic Lodge Room

A perfect venue for weddings, the Ionic Room has been preserved to look exactly as it did when the cornerstone was laid in 1926. It has a beautiful coffered ceiling, faux marble wall finishes, and three exceptional hand-painted murals ornamenting the east wall. It can seat over 200 guests on the main and balcony levels.

This is also an ideal venue for presentations, concerts, and educational programs.

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